about our dental office  Hanover, MA
Hanover Dental PC was started in June of 1959 in the town of Hanover MA by Dr. Joseph H. McLaughlin, a general dentist practitioner. At the time, Hanover Dental PC was only the 2nd dental practice in the town of Hanover. Over the years Dr. McLaughlin and his staff provided quality dental care and became well respected and a trusted member of the community.

In November of 2004, Dr. McLaughlin merged practices with Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva, a very well respected general dentist and a 2003 Boston University graduate. In 2007, Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva moved Hanover Dental to Leander G. Othon’s location, an Oral Surgeon, creating an excellent and well renowned dental practice for the South Shore community.

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