We Offer Holistic, Safer Dentistry

Holistic dentists do not treat your dental health as separate from physical health. Instead, they focus on impacts your whole health might have on your oral health, and vice versa. Therefore, having a whole-health focus means a holistic doctor might encourage diagnostic screenings for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol — as well as advise on nutrition to combat these problems.

A holistic dentist often also provides education and training on proper oral hygiene, such as flossing and tooth brushing. A proper understanding of oral health prevents tooth decay and promotes healthy gums.

  • Ceramic Veneers
    • We encourage you to change to Ceramic Veneers. Ceramic veneers are thin pieces that go over teeth to cover problem spots and create an enhanced version of your smile. This treatment is a smart option when you have discoloration that cannot be fixed with whitening or when there is damage. It’s also possible to use them if you’re unhappy with the shape or look of your natural teeth. We can make the color of the veneer fit with your other teeth.
  • Crowns
    • We Offer metal free Crowns, all ceramic, E-Max (Lithium Disilicate), and Zirconia
  • Bridges
    • We Offer metal free Bridges, all ceramic, E-Max (Lithium Disilicate), and Zirconia
  • Mercury Free Fillings
    • We offer metal free dentistry, including fillings, E-Max (Lithium Disilicate), and Zirconia
  • TMJ Treatment
    • We are associated with www.tmj.org and work on natural cures for Temporomandibular Disorders.
  • Ridge Split
    • Please see details on our website for Ridge split procedures we offer. Our supplier is Salvin dental, www.salvin.com
  • PRF, Platelet Rich Plasma and Platelet Rich Fibrin Enhanced Healing
    • Platelet rich plasma is a liquid form, and platelet rich fibrin is a gelled membrane form of the products that we make from a small quantity of blood that we take from the patient just before their dental procedure. This blood is drawn in test tubes and then spun in a centrifuge which separates the blood into it’s individual components: 1. plasma, 2. red blood cells and 3. a small but very concentrated quantity of white blood cells and platelets called the buffy coat. It’s this buffy coat layer that contains the healing and growth factors that we use to enhance healing.
  • Metal free dental implants
    • We believe in metal free implants. Dr. Rashmi Vasudeva has placed many holistic metal free implants. Please get a complete consultation for metal free implants. We also do custom Abutments, which is highly specialized and available at Hanover Dental upon request.
    • Zirconia Oxide Implants, are our choice of metal free implants, our vendor is Z systems (www.zsystemsusa.com)
  • Cavitation Surgery
  • Material Compatibility
  • Ozone Treatment
  • We follow the Meridian Charts from Chinese acupuncture
    • Regrowing your lost bone
    • Chinese Medicine, Accupressure and Accupuncture